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Building a better smile for enamel erosion and cavity prevention is essential for optimum oral health. This is because your teeth will not be able to function effectively if they’re filled with holes, and of the inner linings of your root’s pulp are vulnerable to decay. Bacteria will seep through holes in your tooth enamel and cavities that could potentially lead to tooth death. Thus, it is always important to protect your teeth whenever issues arise. If you wish to best treat cavities and promote cavity prevention, avoid dental erosion as much as possible.

Dental erosion often arises as individuals suffer from harmful acids eating through their tooth enamel. In addition, oral health care habits such as brushing and flossing have been shown to lower your risk for dental erosion, but bacteria still seep through if other aspects of your oral health care are not being adequately performed. Always make sure you’re avoiding sweets and treats that are high in sugars. If sugars are left alone in your mouth, they can be converted into acids that will promote dental erosion.

Preventing dental erosion includes being aware of the risk factors of its existence. If you are not careful, dental erosion can slowly wear down your tooth enamel, even with effective cleaning tools being used. Other risks for dental erosion include genetics, environmental factors and medications that reduce dry mouth. If left untreated, dental erosion will continue to occur until cavities form. Once a cavity forms in your tooth, the tooth must be treated with a dental filling.

Optimum oral health care success comes courtesy of dental erosion and cavity prevention. You are welcome to call Kurt A. Seidler DDS at our dentist office in Carrollton, Texas, at 972-492-0411. Dr. Kurt Seidler and our entire team look forward to keeping your oral health in pristine condition.