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Dental bridges work wonders for incomplete smiles. Even though hope may seem lost when you lose a single tooth or more, it is actually just a minor impediment. The last of your permanent teeth grow in when you are in your mid-teens, but thanks to modern technology, artificial replacements such as dental bridges can look and function nearly identical to natural teeth.

Dental bridges are a tremendously impressive treatment used to replace missing teeth if your jawbone is not strong enough for dental implant treatments to be given. While dental implants require a direct bond to your jaw bone, dental bridges are much less invasive and are simply held in their locations by other teeth within your mouth. Dental bridges link to nearby or neighboring teeth to ensure they don’t fall out.

Dental bridges are an amazing option for anyone looking to fill in their facial structure and enhance their quality of life. While dentures can easily slip around in your mouth or get knocked loose by tough or hard foods like steak and hard candies, dental bridges are much more durable and will remain stable for a strong and lasting hold within your mouth.

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