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Root canal therapy is used if the inside pulp if your tooth becomes infected. This procedure generally takes one or two office visits to complete and can help reduce some pain you might be experiencing and help improve your oral health.

Our dentist, Dr. Kurt Seidler, cares about your oral health and wants to make sure that you are happy with your smile. That is why our team at Kurt A. Seidler DDS in Carrollton, Texas, want to make sure you know about root canal therapy, and how it can potentially help you have a healthier smile.

Root canal therapy can be necessary when your tooth has been infected so far that it is infecting the soft inside tissue, or pulp, of your tooth. When you get an infection in the pulp of your tooth you might feel pain and swelling in that tooth. You might even have an abscess form inside the infected tooth. If left untreated, infection of a tooth’s pulp can put you at risk of losing your tooth completely or further complications.

Root canal therapy is there to make sure you don’t lose your tooth, and are able to keep your own, natural tooth. After the treatment is done and your mouth has recovered you should feel less pain that you did when the pulp was infected.

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