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Cosmetic dentistry consists of specialized dental procedures that are known to greatly enhance the look and aesthetics of your smile. Depending on your needs, cosmetic dentistry procedures can restore, repair, whiten, or replace teeth.

Take your oral health care to new heights with cosmetic dentistry. For more information about cosmetic dentistry, see below:

– Dental implants are created to improve the look of your smile by filling in gaps with durable replacements guaranteed to function effectively.

– Dental veneers can replace the fronts of teeth with customizable versions that can be adapted to each tooth’s needs.

– Dental bridges fill out the look of your smile by replacing missing teeth with permanent alternatives.

– Dental crowns shelter teeth and improve their look by encapsulating them on all sides for a solid hold.

– Teeth whiteners are used to remove stains and discolorations by removing them via gels that can safely and effectively penetrate deep within teeth.

– Tooth-colored dental fillings place composite materials to fix minor damage to teeth from decay or oral trauma. 

– Dentures are tooth replacements that can be easily inserted and removed as mandated.

With cosmetic dentistry, your smile will not only look better, but it can function better too. If you would like to meet with Dr. Kurt Seidler and our team at Kurt A. Seidler DDS for an examination, please call 972-492-0411 to schedule an appointment at our dentist office in Carrollton, Texas. We want to ensure your teeth remain clean for a lifetime to come.