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To give you the relief you need from tooth sensitivity, the best defense is top notch oral hygiene care. Unfortunately, poor oral hygiene is one cause of tooth sensitivity. To prevent it, brush and floss your teeth every day, and maintain all scheduled six-month professional dental cleanings.

This is because your tooth enamel protects your tooth nerves and cells through the protective layer of dentin beneath it. If dentin is exposed because of holes in the enamel, even tiny ones, the microscopic tubules in dentin allow heat, cold, acidic and sticky foods to gain access to the tooth pulp–which houses the tooth’s nerves and cells. The result? Tooth sensitivity and pain.

To treat tooth sensitivity, you do have options:

#1 You can block pain to the tooth with the help of a desensitizing toothpaste used every day.

#2 You can speak with your dentist about using a fluoride gel. This will strengthen tooth enamel to lower the sensitivity.

#3 You can have a dental restoration performed. Dental bonding, a dental inlay or a dental crown can go to the source of the problem area and when that is relieved, the pain will be gone.

#4 You can speak with your dentist about receiving a gum graft. This procedure can replace lost gum tissue and provide your tooth root the protection it needs.

#5 As a last resort, you can have a root canal procedure. This will eliminate tooth sensitivity altogether.

Do you find yourself cringing when your mouth is exposed to temperature extremes, sweet or sticky foods? If you are seeking relief, consider scheduling a visit with our dentist, Dr. Kurt Seidler in Carrollton, Texas. At the dental practice of  Kurt A. Seidler DDS we look forward to helping you have a healthy, happy smile. Just call 972-492-0411 today!